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The Arizona Alliance for Drug Endangered Children (Alliance) is the state-level entity responsible for ensuring that ongoing technical assistance is provided to communities and tribes to advance an understanding of the drug endangered children (DEC) issue in their area.

The Alliance also assists with the creation and implementation of DEC teams and protocols in communities and counties throughout the state. The Alliance is also concerned with educating key stakeholders about the plight of DEC, enhancing collaborations between the diverse agencies responsible for responding to their needs, providing training regarding the investigation and prosecution of DEC cases, and collaborating with partners who work to address the issues faced by children of incarcerated parents.

The mission of the Alliance is:

  • Be unrelenting in the pursuit of safety for children exposed to the extreme dangers of illicit drug environments in a manner that gives the child the best opportunity for a happy and productive future.
  • Efforts will include government agencies, private organizations, and the general public working in collaboration to:
    • Prevent drug abuse
    • Provide resources to children when drug abuse prevention efforts fail
    • Provide for a seamless coordinated community response to children endangered by drugs
    • Aggressively break the cycle of drug abuse caused by those who manufacture, sell, and use drugs

The goals of the Alliance are to:

  • Train law enforcement agencies to identify at-risk children
  • Encourage better reporting to the Arizona Department of Child Safety and to County Attorney offices
  • Embed drug-endangered children response guidelines within each county’s administrative protocol across every discipline
  • Embed and institutionalize the use of the drug endangered children multi-disciplinary team investigative process within each county’s administrative protocol for responding to cases involving child abuse/neglect

The Alliance is guided by and promotes the following values:


Relentlessly pursue the end of drug abuse to prevent children from experiencing the physical, emotional, and psychological damage that exposure to drug environments cause. Enhance the safety of children by removing them from dangerous drug environments and providing them with appropriate follow-up care and services. Return or place children in family environments that are completely free of illicit drugs.


Insist on the participation of everyone to actively pursue the end of social tolerance to the abuse of illicit drugs. Form alliances, partnerships, and organizations across all government and private services to ensure appropriate tools and resources exist to identify, remove, and treat children in dangerous drug environments. Identify and implement multidisciplinary services and strategies necessary to break the cycle of drug and child abuse.


Hold ourselves accountable to appropriately provide the services necessary to accomplish the mission of the Arizona Alliance for Drug Endangered Children. Vigorously pursue the institutionalization of multi-disciplinary drug endangered children investigation teams in every county and tribal community. Continually evaluate the effectiveness of our efforts to ensure that the Alliance’s mission is achieved.