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Rx Initiative

Action, Awareness, Outcome


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Rx Initiative: action, awareness, outcome

The Rx Toolkit is designed with the theme Awareness. Action. Outcomes! It provides the roadmap to move communities forward beyond that initial awareness stage into action and outcomes. Communities and coalitions cannot wait another day here in Arizona to implement this initiative. Every day that we do, we lose more lives to death and addiction. The time has come to address this public health crisis and we need your commitment.

The toolkit is easy to use and is color coded for better navigation. The Rx Drug Misuse and Abuse Initiative toolkit's eight sections include:

Strategy 1: Reduce Illicit Acquisition and Diversion of Prescription Drugs

  • Proper storage and disposal options and public messaging (e.g., permanent drop boxes, take-back events)
  • Increased use of the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (sign-up, use)

Strategy 2: Promote responsible prescribing of Rx opioids, benzodiazepines and carisoprodol.

  • Develop and Implement a research-based "Best Practice" curriculum for prescribers and pharmacists 
  • Recognition of responsible prescribers and dispensers

Strategy 3: Enhance Rx drug practice and policies in law enforcement.

  • Education and training on Rx drug abuse and diversion crimes
  • Improve coding structure of data management systems for tracking Rx crimes

Strategy 4: Increase public awareness and patient education about the risks of Rx drug misuse and pain management expectations.

  • Media dissemination to create a sense of urgency about the Rx misuse and abuse problem in Arizona
  • Education (Rx 360 curriculum) for adults and youth about the risks of Rx drug misuse and abuse
  • Patient Education module

Strategy 5: Enhance assessment and referral to substance abuse treatment

Implementation at the state level included developing and disseminating best practice guidelines for prescribers and pharmacists; unsolicited prescriber report cards with detailed descriptions of individual prescribing habits; improvements to the CSPMP and marketing use of the tool among prescribers, pharmacists and law enforcement; networking and education outreach with regulatory boards, insurance companies, hospitals, health centers, health care provider agencies and associations, local and state public health and behavioral health prevention groups, law enforcement councils and associations, drug taskforce groups and substance abuse coalitions across the state.