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The Arizona Substance Abuse Partnership (ASAP) serves as the single statewide council on substance abuse prevention, enforcement, treatment, and recovery efforts. Authorized under Executive Order 2013-05 (which amends and supersedes Executive Order 2007-12) and chaired by the Maricopa County Attorney and vice-chaired by the Director of the Governor Ducey’s Office of Youth, Faith and Family the ASAP is composed of representatives from state governmental bodies, federal entities, and community organizations.

The ASAP, which initiates and supports improvements in substance abuse policy, develops dynamic partnerships, participates in data-driven planning processes, and assists with coordinating efforts supported by program evaluations, has the following duties and responsibilities:

  1. Compile and summarize information on substance misuse, abuse, associated consequences and correlates, including mental illness and emerging trends, through a collaborative and cooperative data-sharing process. Identify and address data gaps in order to provide Arizona with a comprehensive picture of substance misuse and abuse in the state.
  2. Utilize evaluation and research reports to promote the most effective and evidence-based programs, policies and practices across the state and make recommendations for modifications as needed.
  3. Encourage state and local partnerships to engage in shared-planning processes and build the capacity of local communities to meet identified needs and maximize resources.
  4. Identify and share effective practices to integrate strategies across systems that will leverage existing funding and increase access to services at the community level.
  5. Analyze current state and federal laws and programs governing substance misuse and abuse prevention, treatment, and enforcement and recommend any changes that would enhance the effectiveness of these laws or programs.
  6. Recommend specific drug and alcohol-related policy for consideration by Arizona state agencies and/or the Arizona Legislature.

The ASAP has one mandated work group under Executive Order 2013-05, known as the Arizona Substance Abuse Epidemiology Work Group (Epi Work Group). The ASAP utilizes the data and analyses provided by the Epi Work Group to devise strategies and solutions and to inform the public about the prevalence of substance use and associated consequences, such as mortality and morbidity.

Executive Order

Member Roster 

Substance Abuse Epidemiology Work Group (Epi)

Epi seeks to provide Arizona with data on the substance use to inform state-wide and community substance abuse prevention and intervention strategies.

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Prescription Drug Core Group

The Prescription Drug Core Group seeks to combat the growing epidemic of prescription (Rx) drug misuse and abuse in Arizona.

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Program Inventory Workgroup

The Program Inventory Workgroup assesses substance abuse programming, including prevention, intervention, treatment, and recovery, administered by ASAP member agencies.

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