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It Matters

You are your teen’s #1 influence.

Bringing up the subject of marijuana can be awkward.
Use this site to overcome that momentary feeling and
become your teen’s best defense against marijuana abuse.


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The real risks of marijuana

Marijuana use affects brain development. Teens who use marijuana daily are 60% less likely to graduate from high school, and have significantly more memory and attention problems. Long-term effects include increased risk of chronic cough, bronchitis, anxiety, and schizophrenia in vulnerable kids.

If there's one thing to know

If there’s one takeaway, it’s this: Postponing that crucial moment your kid tries marijuana can save them from addiction. Research shows that the earlier children start smoking marijuana, the greater the likelihood of addiction down the road.

     90% of addictions start in teen years.

      Teens who use marijuana daily are 60% less likely to graduate high school.

      Heavy cannabis use that continues into adulthood shows a permanent drop of 8 IQ points. 

      75% of Arizona youth surveyed obtain marijuana from friends.

The best solution is to start talking

The landscape of marijuana is changing, but parents still have an enormous influence on their children’s decision to turn down marijuana. Clear expectations and open communication with parents is proven to lower the risk of marijuana use in teens. Opportunities to talk are everywhere. Our Family Talk Kit offers facts, talking tips and more, so you’ll be ready to start the conversation – and keep it going.

Marijuana vs. Tobacco

Your teen’s lungs don’t really know the difference between marijuana smoke and tobacco smoke. Smoke from marijuana contains many of the same toxins, irritants and carcinogens as tobacco smoke. Additionally, marijuana smoke tends to be inhaled more deeply, leading to greater exposure to tar. Talking with your teen now can save them from serious lung health problems as an adult.

Lung health risks from smoking marijuana

•  Same respiratory problems as tobacco smoke

•  Injures cell lining of airways

•  Suppresses immune system

•  Creates phlegm production

•  Can cause wheezing

•  Can cause acute bronchitis

•  Secondhand marijuana smoke carries many of the

   same toxins and carcinogens – in similar amounts if

   not more.

Critical times to talk

Big transitions are the times when teens need the most support. There is a strong link between stress and drug use. Teens are likely to experience new stress during big milestones, such as graduating from middle school to high school, or family transitions such as a move or divorce. Extra support during these times is crucial to helping curb marijuana use.


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