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The Arizona Rx Drug Misuse and Abuse Initiative (Initiative) was conceived as a way to combat the growing epidemic of prescription (Rx) drug misuse and abuse in Arizona. The Initiative began after the Governor’s Office of Youth, Faith and Family and the Arizona Criminal Justice Commission hosted a Prescription Drug Expert Panel in February 2012. Experts from the medical, treatment, law enforcement, and community prevention sectors formulated a set of data-and-research-driven strategies to be implemented in an attempt to stem the growing tide of Rx drug misuse and abuse and the related negative consequences in Arizona. These strategies, adapted and evolved from those originally proposed by Office of Drug Control Policy (ONDCP), are a multi-systemic approach to the Rx drug misuse and abuse epidemic in Arizona that provide a simultaneous top-down and bottom-up approach between state agencies and community-level efforts. 

Community Toolkit

The Community toolkit is designed with the theme Awareness. Action. Outcomes! It provides the roadmap to move communities beyond that initial awareness stage into action and then to outcomes.

The toolkit is easy to use and is color-coded for better navigation. The toolkit’s eight sections include the action plan, the items needed to implement each of the five strategies, the data sources required for evaluating efforts, and other documents that don’t fall neatly into one of the aforementioned categories:

  • Strategy #1: Reduce illicit acquisition and diversion of prescription drugs

  • Strategy #2: Promote responsible prescribing and dispensing policies and practices

  • Strategy #3: Enhance Rx drug practice and policies in law enforcement

  • Strategy #4: Increase public awareness and patient education about Rx drug misuse and abuse

  • Strategy #5: Enhance assessment and referral to substance abuse treatment

  • Other Documents: Items in this toolkit will continue to be updated and new items will be added. Use this section of your toolkit to print and add information to support your efforts.
Agendas, Minutes and Documents

The Governor’s Office of Youth, Faith and Family agendas, minutes and other related documents as they become available.

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